This Week in Toastmasters | August 20 – 24

Fellow Masters of Toast and honored “people who are reading this and who are not yet members”

There’s this show on the Food Network that has these people with culinary aspirations driving around the country selling food out of food trucks. None of them have ever done this sort of thing before, and the show throws all kinds of curve balls their way to make things harder/entertaining. Then, in the end, somebody gets eliminated and has to drive off in their food truck to Shameville, USA (which is somewhere in Idaho, I think).

I’ve been watching these kinds of shows all weekend – competition shows about cooking food, building stuff, exploding stuff, eating stuff (fun thought: If they could combine all those into one show, I’d be an avid fan!) – and it reminds me that we have a competition of our own this week.

That’s right. The Humorous Speech contest is this Thursday in the SOUTH BISTRO at 11:30. Crystal Dong is running the show, and we can’t have a show without contestants, people to judge, people to count ballots, or people to stand menacingly in front of the door while the speakers are speaking. If you haven’t signed up for anything drop Crystal a note saying “I’m in.”

You might also tell her what you want to do, too. A cryptic note like that might be a little off-putting. Seriously. What were you thinking?


If you missed last week, you missed a lot. Brian Dietz took his first shot at Toastmastering, and did a wonderful job. We had two great speakers. Crystal Dong told us about Chinese medicine in her speech, “All Because of Canker Sores,” and we all met Amresh Sathe as he gave his Ice Breaker speech. Niranjandas Mettu ran a philosophical Table Topics session and the evaluators were all good. A fun time was had by all.


  • Go to the website. Sign up for stuff.
  • Come see Brian, Joe and the winners of this week’s contest compete in the next level area contest on September 29.
  • Want to be a mentor? Want to be mentored? Talk to Yingbi.
  • Halloween Tall Tales contest and fun time  event thingy on October 20. See Joe for more details.
  • Fall Conference is November 2-4 in Cincinnati. Go to to register.

That’s all I got for this week. I have real work to pretend to do, after all. To make up for the lack of content, here’s a picture of a shark attacking a helicopter.

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